Prais'd be Diana's Fair and Harmless Light

Original Text: 
R. S., The Phoenix Nest. London, 1593 (Menston: Scolar Press, 1973). PR 1207 P5 1593a ROBA.
2Prais'd be the dews wherewith she moists the ground;
3Prais'd be her beams, the glory of the night;
4Prais'd be her power by which all powers abound.
5Prais'd be her nymphs with whom she decks the woods,
6Prais'd be her knights in whom true honour lives;
7Prais'd be that force by which she moves the floods;
8Let that Diana shine which all these gives.
9In heaven queen she is among the spheres;
10In aye she mistress-like makes all things pure;
11Eternity in her oft change she bears;
12She beauty is; by her the fair endure.
13Time wears her not: she doth his chariot guide;
14Mortality below her orb is plac'd;
15By her the virtue of the stars down slide;
16In her is virtue's perfect image cast.
17      A knowledge pure it is her worth to know:
18      With Circes let them dwell that think not so.


1] Reprinted in England's Helicon, 1600, signed with Ralegh's initials. Queen Elizabeth was often addressed as Diana. Back to Line
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F. D. Hoeniger
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3RP 1.149.