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Wilfrid Thorley, Confessional and Other Poems (London: Elkin Mathews, 1911): 39. Internet Archive.

1I am a careless weaver
2    Who works with dazzled eye:
3Amid the fields I wander,
4    And I leave my threads awry
5    For God alone to ply.
6And then, at night returning,
7    With feet unshod and lame,
8The foulness of my raiment,
9    Thorn-rent and marked with shame,
10    Burns through me like a flame.
11What garment have I woven
12    To hide lest He be wroth
13And all my soul be naked?
14    Be this poor shred of cloth
15    For lavender or moth,
16Here, take who will the tissue:
17    It is not spun of gold,
18The web is coarse as sackcloth,
19    Rough-edged and ill to hold.
20    I walk not silken-stoled.
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