Poets & Muses

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Jay Macpherson, Poems Twice Told: The Boatman & Welcoming Disaster (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1981): 62.
1Poets are such bad employers,
2Muses ought to Organize:
3Time off, sick pay, danger wages --
4Come, ye wretched of the skies!
5Poets, to reverse the story,
6Muse-redeemed, return and live:
7Solomon in all his glory
8Could not pay for what you give.
10Breathing too is a simple trick, and most of us learn it:
11Still, to lose it is bad, though no-one regrets it long.
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Welcoming Disaster (Toronto: Saannes, 1974).
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Ian Lancashire
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"Poets & Muses" © Jay Macpherson. Printed gratis, and specifically for Representative Poetry Online, with permission of the author. As published in Poems Twice Told (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1981). Any other use, including reproduction for any purposes, educational or otherwise, will require explicit written permission from Jay Macpherson.