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Representative French Poetry, ed. Victor E. Graham, 2nd edn. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1965): 113-14. Charmes, 1926.

1Par la surprise saisie,
3Au sein de la Poésie
4En sépare son duvet:
5"O ma mère Intelligence,
6De qui la douceur coulait,
7Quelle est cette négligence
8Qui laisse tarir son lait!
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2] Une bouche: the poet who seeks sustenance from poetry. Back to Line
16] As the infant is gently rocked on the mother's nourishing bosom, so the poet's inspiration, like the white life-giving milk, comes from the darkness of mind. Back to Line
24] In the ecstasy of his inspiration, the poet experiences a transcendental vision of spiritual life. Back to Line
40] When the inspiration suddenly fails, the poet wonders why. Since he is the agent by which poetry is expressed they surely need each other. Back to Line
44] The answer is that undisciplined passion destroysinspiration. Back to Line
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Victor E. Graham
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