The Pilgrim

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John Bunyan, The Pilgrim's Progress. From this World to That which is to come The Second Part (London: Nathaniel Ponder, 1684).
1Who would true Valour see
2Let him come hither;
3One here will Constant be,
4Come Wind, come Weather.
5There's no Discouragement,
6Shall make him once Relent,
7His first avow'd Intent,
8To be a Pilgrim.
9Who so beset him round,
10With dismal Storys,
11Do but themselves Confound;
12His Strength the more is.
13No Lyon can him fright,
14He'l with a Gyant Fight,
15But he will have a right,
16To be a Pilgrim.
17Hobgoblin, nor foul Fiend,
18Can daunt his Spirit:
19He knows, he at the end,
20Shall Life Inherit.
21Then Fancies fly away,
22He'l fear not what men say,
23He'l labour Night and Day,
24To be a Pilgrim.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1999.