Peggy's Cove

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Lush Dreams, Blue Exile: Fugitive Poems: 1978-1993 (Lawrencetown Beach, NS: Pottersfield Press, 1994): 83.
2Cabals of rock, wreckage, sobs of wet death,
3Caterwauled epics of drowning, a salt
5Of hunched and broken anarchic boulders
6Heaped against the fierce, mad, dark Atlantic
7By homicidal force that drove them there
8In dumb, impaling anger. I tremble;
9A blind roar suffocates the stars, a black
10Hatred lathers this grotesque beach and howls.
11I hear groanings like bones being smashed .-- and cries
12Like infants hurled head-first against brick walls.


1] Peggy's Cove: Nova Scotia fishing village, and location of a lighthouse, situated on a massive outcrop of rock. Back to Line
4] Stonehenge: not precisely the great pre-historic stone-work religious site in Wiltshire, UK, but a realization of the emotional experience of seeing it. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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