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Henry Vaughan, Silex Scintillans (1650). Scolar Press, 1970. PR 3669 R2 1680AC ROBA.
1My Soul, there is a country
2     Afar beyond the stars,
3Where stands a winged sentry
4     All skillful in the wars;
5There, above noise and danger
6     Sweet Peace sits, crown'd with smiles,
7And One born in a manger
8     Commands the beauteous files.
9He is thy gracious friend
10     And (O my Soul awake!)
11Did in pure love descend,
12     To die here for thy sake.
13If thou canst get but thither,
14     There grows the flow'r of peace,
15The rose that cannot wither,
16     Thy fortress, and thy ease.
18     For none can thee secure,
19But One, who never changes,
20     Thy God, thy life, thy cure.


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N. J. Endicott
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3RP 1.368.