Paradise Lost

Original Text: 
F.R. Scott, F.R. Scott: Selected Poems (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1966): 42-43.
1Before any tree grew
2On the ground,
3Or clip of bird wing
4Made sound,
5Before cool fish drove
6Under wave,
7Or any cave man
8Made cave,
9The clean aimless worlds
10Spun true and blind
11Unseen and undisturbed
12By mind,
13Till some expanding molecule
14Of odd construction
15Learned the original sin
16Of reproduction,
17Troubling the constant flow
18With new activity,
19Something beyond the grave
20and more than gravity.
21And so in shallow bays
22And warm mud
23Began the long tale
24Of bone and blood.
25The tale of man alive
26And loth to die,
27Of mine and thine and ours,
28And the question, Why?
29This was the turn of the tide,
30The fall from heaven,
31The spear in the side of God,
32And time's division.
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Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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Copyright © the estate of F. R. Scott. Included
with the generous permission of William Toye, his literary executor.