The Old Maid

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Rivers to the Sea (1915: New York: Macmillan, 1923): 11. PS 3539 E15R5 Robarts Library
2    The woman I might grow to be;
3I felt my lover look at her
4    And then turn suddenly to me.
5Her hair was dull and drew no light
6    And yet its color was as mine;
7Her eyes were strangely like my eyes
8    Tho' love had never made them shine.
9Her body was a thing grown thin,
10    Hungry for love that never came;
11Her soul was frozen in the dark
12    Unwarmed forever by love's flame.
13I felt my lover look at her
14    And then turn suddenly to me, --
15His eyes were magic to defy
16    The woman I shall never be.


1] Broadway car: streetcar in the Manhattan entertainment district of New York City. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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