In October

(On the University Lawn)

Original Text: 
Helena Coleman, Songs and Sonnets, Published under the auspices of the Tennyson Club at Toronto (Toronto: William Briggs, 1906): 116. Internet Archive
2    The ivy flames upon the gray old walls,
3    Or, whirled by sudden, fitful breezes, falls
4In little crimson showers at our feet;
5Impetuous Spring and lingering Autumn meet
6    On these wide lawns and in the echoing halls,
7    For Summer with its golden bounty calls
8To hearts that still with youth and promise beat.
9These Norman towers uplifted to the sun
10    A nation's hope enshrine, a nation's pride.
11And one can scarcely look unmoved upon
12    The nation's youth now gathering to their side,
13So great the future to be lost or won-
14    So sweet the siren-songs, so swift the tide!


1] Probably the quadrangle of Victoria University, University of Toronto. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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