Nova Scotia

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James McIntyre, Musings on the Banks of Canadian Thames, including poems on local, Canadian and British subjects, and lines on the great poets of England, Ireland, Scotland and America, with a glance at the wars in Victoria's reign (Ingersoll: H. Rowland, 1884): 22. B-11 1857 Fisher Rare Books Library.
2We'll gladly let you float away
3From out our Confederation;
4You sicken us with sily agitation.
5If any more our patience you do tax
6We'll let you go to Halifax.


1] "Lines written when Nova Scotia was threatening to withdraw from the Confederation." [poet's note] Liberal Premier W. S. Fielding (1884-86) campaigned on the repeal of the Canadian Confederation (The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2nd edn. [Edmonton: Hurtig, 1988]: 1531, 1534). Back to Line
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