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The Works of Thomas Hood. Edited, with notes, by his son and daughter. London: Moxon, Son, & Co., 1870. 3: 365-66.
1               No sun---no moon!
2               No morn---no noon---
3No dawn---no dusk---no proper time of day---
4               No sky---no earthly view---
5               No distance looking blue---
6No road---no street---no "t'other side the way"---
8               No indications where the Crescents go---
9               No top to any steeple---
10No recognitions of familiar people---
11               No courtesies for showing 'em---
12               No knowing 'em!---
13No travelling at all---no locomotion,
14No inkling of the way---no notion---
15               "No go"---by land or ocean---
16               No mail---no post---
17          No news from any foreign coast---
19               No company---no nobility---
20No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
21     No comfortable feel in any member---
22No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
23     No fruits, no flow'rs, no leaves, no birds,---
24               November!


7] Row: a street. The famous rows in London are Paternoster Row and Rotten Row. Back to Line
18] Ring: either the Inner Circle of The Regent's Park (London), which was a fashionable area and home of Royal Botanic Society, or the Ring of Hyde Park (London), also a fashionable area. Back to Line
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Marc R. Plamondon
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