The Night Cometh

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[Annie L. Walker] Leaves from the Backwoods (Montreal: John Lovell, 1862), pp. 42-43. B-10 2803 Fisher Library.
1Work! for the night is coming;
2  Work! through the morning hours;
3Work! while the dew is sparkling;
4  Work! 'mid the springing flowers;
5Work! while the day grows brighter,
6  Under the glowing sun;
7Work! for the night is coming,--
8  Night, when man's work is done.
9Work! for the night is coming;
10  Work! through the sunny noon;
11Fill the bright hours with labour,
12  Rest cometh sure and soon.
13Give to each flying minute
14  Something to keep in store;
15Work! for the night is coming,--
16  Night, when man works no more.
17Work! for the night is coming;
18  Under the sunset skies,
19While their bright tints are glowing,
20  Work! for the daylight flies;
21Work! till the last beam fadeth,
22  Fadeth to shine no more;
23Work! while the night is darkening,--
24  Night, when man's work is o'er.
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Ian Lancashire
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