Negative Love

Original Text: 
Donne, John. The Elegies and the Songs and Sonnets of John Donne. Edited by Helen Gardner. London: Oxford University Press, 1965: 56.
1I never stoop'd so low, as they
2Which on an eye, cheek, lip, can prey,
3    Seldom to them which soar no higher
4    Than virtue, or the mind to admire,
5For sense and understanding may
6    Know what gives fuel to their fire:
7My love, though silly, is more brave,
8For may I miss, when ere I crave,
9If I know yet, what I would have.
10If that be simply perfectest,
11Which can by no way be expressed
12    But negatives, my love is so.
13    To all, which all love, I say no.
14If any who deciphers best,
15    What we know not, ourselves, can know,
16Let him teach me that nothing; this
17As yet my ease and comfort is,
18Though I speed not, I cannot miss.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire, assisted by Ana Berdinskikh
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