Original Text: 
Gold Indigoes (Durham, NC: Carolina Wren Press, 2000).
1Naima, I should perfume my letters,
2confuse spices with my ink,
3spirit tea from orange peels and sugar....
4gal, too beautiful,
5make a fool preacher
6burn his Bible.
7I know the lime or vinegar taste
8of leaves in rain,
9but I crave the criminal flavour of red
10wine sick with magenta lipstick.
11Naima, I shake like rain,
12wanting not to want.
13I'd settle for your portrait,
14some static homage beautiful but --
15watercolours either touch into flame
16or moisture's acid consumes the images.
18I should....
19Lawd, have mercy,
20Lawd, have mercy, gal.
21Our poetry will close
22either in flames or flowers.
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Ian Lancashire
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