The Mower to the Glow-Worms

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Andrew Marvell, Miscellaneous Poems, ed. Mary Marvell (1681). Facs. edn.: Scolar Press, 1969. PR 3546 A1 1681A ROBA.
1Ye living lamps, by whose dear light
2The nightingale does sit so late,
3And studying all the summer night,
4Her matchless songs does meditate;
5Ye county comets, that portend
6No war nor prince's funeral,
7Shining unto no higher end
8Than to presage the grass's fall;
10To wand'ring mowers shows the way,
11That in the night have lost their aim,
12And after foolish fires do stray;
13Your courteous lights in vain you waste,
14Since Juliana here is come,
15For she my mind hath so displac'd
16That I shall never find my home.


9] officious: zealous. Back to Line
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N. J. Endicott
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3RP 1.359-60.