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Theodore Goodridge Roberts, The Leather Bottle (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1934): 68. Internet Archive.
1A little strife--and oh! the long forgetting.
2    A gust of cheering--and the frozen breath.
3A day of singing--and a night of silence.
4    An hour for living--and an age for death.
5So go the great; so goes the shining hero;
6    So go we all, the weak, the strong, the blind,
7The proud, the meek, the saint, the mocking sinner,
8    Stumbling in front and crowding fast behind.
9A little mirth--and oh! the long composure.
10    A few swift paces--and the fainting breath.
11Your day for singing, and God's time for silence.
12    My day for loving, and God's age for death.
13And yet I swear by the Eternal Riddle,
14    The Holy Mysteries and the Awful Name,
15My care is all for mortal human kindness,
16    My jealousy for this brief minute's fame.
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Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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