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Collected Poems of Herman Melville, ed. Howard P. Vincent (Chicago: Packard, 1947): 228-29. PS 2382 V5 Robarts Library
2    After loneness long;
3And then to be estranged in life,
4    And neither in the wrong;
5And now for death to set his seal --
6    Ease me, a little ease, my song!
7By wintry hills his hermit-mound
8    The sheeted snow-drifts drape,
9And houseless there the snow-bird flits
11Glazed now with ice the cloistral vine


1] monody: dirge him: this might be Nathaniel Hawthorne, or possibly Melville's son Malcolm. Back to Line
10] crape: mourning band made of thin worsted cloth. Back to Line
12] A line found in Melville's manuscript copy, altered from "Along thy dense stolidity of walls" in the printed edition. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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