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The Poetical Works of Charles Harpur, ed. Elizabeth Perkins (London, Sydney and Melbourne: Angus & Robertson, 1984): 850.

1As the moaning wild waves ever
2Fret around some lonely isle,
3There are griefs that no endeavor
4Stilleth even for awhile,
5Beating at my heart for ever --
6Beating at it now;
7Beating at my heart -- and aching
8Upward to my brow.
9Like the wild clouds flying over
10High above all human reach,
11There are joys that I their lover
12Cannot even scale in speech:
13Flying o'er my head for ever --
14Flying o'er it now;
15Flying o'er my head -- and shading
16With despair my brow.
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Cameron La Follette
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