The Methodist Jesus

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Carol Shields, Coming to Canada: Poems, ed. Christopher Levenson (Ottawa: Carleton University Press, 1992): 11.

1Little Lord Jesus was a sissy but
2We liked him anyway
3He was like George Washington
4And never told lies -- only
5Much more important we knew that.
6Big Lord Jesus in the brown gown
7And sandals with kids climbing on his lap --
8He was nice but you never forgot
9He was going to get nailed to the cross
10Right through his hands and feet.
11Our heavenly Father sat at a big desk
12And could see right into our hearts
13Where the swear words were and the lies
14And the other things, but if you really truly
15Wanted something you only had to ask.
16The Holy Ghost?
17It was better not
18To think about
19The Holy Ghost.
20It was the Christ Child we liked best
21He was always asleep
22And had a round halo like the R.C. Jesus
23And a look on his face so sweet
24It made you want to cry
25He was on our level so to speak
26Just a little kid only holy.
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