To Margaret W------

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Charles and Mary Lamb, Poems and Plays (London: Methuen, 1912): 102-03. PR 4860 A2 1912 Trinity College Library
2Christen'd from that humble flower
3    Which we a daisy call!
4May thy pretty name-sake be
5In all things a type of thee,
6    And image thee in all.
7Like it you show a modest face,
8An unpretending native grace; --
9    The tulip, and the pink,
10The china and the damask rose,
11And every flaunting flower that blows,
12    In the comparing shrink.
13Of lowly fields you think no scorn;
14Yet gayest gardens would adorn,
15    And grace, wherever set.
16Home-seated in your lonely bower,
17Or wedded -- a transplanted flower --
18    I bless you, Margaret!


1] "Marguerite, in French, signifies a daisy" (note in Athenaeum edition). Back to Line
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The Athenaeum
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2000.