Maker of Heaven and Earth

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Mrs. C. F. Alexander, Hymns for Little Children, 71st edition (London: W. Walker, 1900), no. 9, pp. 27-28. VR68 1848 1900 Emmanuel College Library.
2   All creatures great and small,
3All things wise and wonderful,
4   The Lord God made them all.
5Each little flower that opens,
6   Each little bird that sings,
7He made their glowing colours,
8   He made their tiny wings.
10   The poor man at his gate,
11God made them, high or lowly,
12   And ordered their estate.
13The purple-headed mountain,
14   The river running by,
15The sunset, and the morning,
16   That brightens up the sky;
17The cold wind in the winter,
18   The pleasant summer sun,
19The ripe fruits in the garden,
20   He made them every one.
21The tall trees in the greenwood,
23The rushes by the water,
25He gave us eyes to see them,
26   And lips that we might tell,
27How great is God Almighty,
28   Who has made all things well.


1] The traditional tune for this hymn is named Royal Oak (ca. 1667) and was arranged by Martin Shaw (1875-1958) and originally published in Songs of Praise (1915). Back to Line
9] This stanza is omitted from The English Hymnal with Tunes (London, [1906]), no. 587, p. 763, and most modern texts of the hymn. Back to Line
22] where we: for our (in 1906 and modern versions). Back to Line
24] We: To (in 1906 and modern versions). Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1998.