Lyman King

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Edgar Lee Masters, Spoon River Anthology, illustrated by Oliver Herford (London: T. Werner Laurie, [1916]): 217. 8-NBI Masters New York Public Library
1You may think, passer-by, that Fate
2Is a pit-fall outside of yourself,
3Around which you may walk by the use of foresight
4And wisdom.
5Thus you believe, viewing the lives of other men,
6As one who in God-like fashion bends over an anthill,
7Seeing how their difficulties could be avoided.
8But pass on into life:
9In time you shall see Fate approach you
10In the shape of your own image in the mirror;
11Or you shall sit alone by your own hearth,
12And suddenly the chair by you shall hold a guest,
13And you shall know that guest,
14And read the authentic message of his eyes.
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Ian Lancashire
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