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George Henry Boker, Sonnets: A Sequence on Profane Love, ed. Edward Sculley Bradley (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1929). http://www.sonnets.org/profane-1.htm

1My lady's senses are so pure and fine,
2She takes small pleasure in the close embrace
3That love and nature in me coarsely trace
4As the great end to which all hearts incline.
5Her tender pity shames this heat of mine,
6That bows her soul unto a lowly place,
7To meet the cravings of my abject race,
8With yielding smiles and patience all divine.
9So much she suffers for her dear love's sake,
10So much forgives, so calmly puts aside
11Her own distaste, her stately virgin pride;
12And all for me, who like a satyr slake
13My brutish thirst within a crystal tide,
14And stain it with the dusty stir I make!
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