Lully, Lulley

Original Text: 
Balliol College Library 354. Text from Early English Lyrics, Amorous, Divine, Moral and Trivial, ed. E. K. Chambers and F. Sidgwick (London: A. H. Bullen, 1907), p. 148. PR 1203 C6 Robarts Library.
1Lully, lulley, lully, lulley,
3He bare him up, he bare him down,
4He bare him into an orchard brown.
5In that orchard there was an halle
6That hanged with purpill and pall.
7And in that hall there was a bede;
8It was hanged with gold so rede.
10His woundes bleding day and night.
12And she wepeth both night and day.
13And by that bede side there stondeth a stone,


2] make: mate. Back to Line
9] lithe: lies. Back to Line
11] may: maiden. Back to Line
14] Corpus Christi: the body of Christ. Back to Line
Publication Notes: 
early 16th century
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire
RPO Edition: 
RPO 1998.