To Lucasta, Going to the Wars

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Richard Lovelace, Lucasta (1649). Facs. edn.: Scolar Press, 1972. PR 3542 L2 1649A ROBA.
2      That from the nunnery
3Of thy chaste breast and quiet mind
4      To war and arms I fly.
5True, a new mistress now I chase,
6      The first foe in the field;
7And with a stronger faith embrace
8      A sword, a horse, a shield.
9Yet this inconstancy is such
10      As you too shall adore;
11I could not love thee (Dear) so much,
12      Lov'd I not Honour more.


1] The identity of Lucasta is still debated, although Anthony Wood (Athenae Oxonienses [1691-92]) says she was Lucy Sacheverel, "whom he usually called Lux Casta." Back to Line
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N. J. Endicott
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3RP 1.347.