Love's Prayer

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John Hay, Complete Poetical Works; including many poems now first collected (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1916): 84-85. Internet Archive

1If Heaven would hear my prayer.
2    My dearest wish would be,
3Thy sorrows not to share
4    But take them all on me;
5If Heaven would hear my prayer.
6I 'd beg with prayers and sighs
7    That never a tear might flow
8From out thy lovely eyes.
9    If Heaven might grant it so;
10Mine be the tears and sighs.
11No cloud thy brow should cover.
12    But smiles each other chase
13From lips to eyes all over
14    Thy sweet and sunny face;
15The clouds my heart should cover.
16That all thy path be light
17    Let darkness fall on me;
18If all thy days be bright,
19    Mine black as night could be;
20My love would light my night.
21For thou art more than life,
22    And if our fate should set
23Life and my love at strife,
24    How could I then forget
25I love thee more than life ?
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