Love's Menu: Pommes de Terre Frites

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Original Text: 
The Complete Poetical Works of William Gay , ed. J. Glen Oliphant (Melbourne: Thomas C. Lothian, 1911): 70-71. Internet Archive. Sydney Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS), digital text sponsored by AustLit:
1Fried potatoes is a dish
2Good as any one could wish:
3Cheap it is, and appetizing;
4Turn a saint to gormandizing:
5Good and cheap and tasty too,
6Just the thing for Love's Menu.
7Love is dainty, and his food,
8Even though common, must be good:
9Love hath little to disburse,
10So his fare must fit his purse:
11Love hath fickle appetite,
12We his palate must invite:
13Crisp and hot, the price a sou,
14Fried Potatoes, Love's Menu.
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Ian Lancashire
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