Location Scouts

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Matthew Tierney, Full speed through the morning dark (Toronto: Wolsak and Wynn, 2004): 38. PS 8589 .I464 F84 2004 Robarts Library
1A year ago I might have
2laughed. The white van
3is parked on an incline
4back doors secured open
5ramp extended to the pavement.
6Up and down men and women
7of all ages carry boxes tubing
8an occasional electronic
9device. Such eager faces
10doubts answered by a newfound
11belief in deadlines. On the side
12panel in black calligraphy
14It's best to keep moving.


13] A spelling error for Drain Location Service (Japanese). Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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Copyright © Matthew Tierney and used by permission of the poet. Authorization to republish this poem must be obtained from him in writing.