Liturgy: Visiting P.K.

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Bruce Meyer, A Book of Bread (Holstein, Ontario: Exile Editions, 2011): 66-67.

There is a woman floating in a window
Christmas wreaths in passing houses
Shine now in eye and now in hair, in heart.
-- P.K. Page, "Reflection in a Train Window"
1There is a woman floating in a window,
2and light through Venetian blinds
3transforms her into bars of music,
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5] Philip Glass: minimalist American composer (1937-). Back to Line
17] dithyrambic: ecstatic, wild classical Greek vese form. Back to Line
25] Preview: in March 1942 Canadian poet Patrick Anderson (1915-79) and Montreal Group poet F.R. Scott founded the Montreal literary magazine Preview. Back to Line
26] Judith Cape: pseudonym of Canadian poet P.K. Page. Back to Line
39] glosa: medieval Spanish poetic form that opens with a quatrain from another poet and has four ten-line stanzas (in each of which the sixth and ninth lines rhyme with the tenth, the line taken -- in order -- from that quatrain). Back to Line
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