"A Little Place Apart"

Original Text: 
Marjory Nicholls, Collected Poems, comp. Niel Wright (Wellington: Original Books, 2009).
1A little garden have I made me here,
2    Of tender, fragrant plants--none bright or gay--
3And hither shall I come in twilight-time
4    To dream awhile of the dear yesterday.
5A little breeze comes whispering from the Past--
6    A magic whisper, wondrous soft and sweet;
7I kneel upon the path, to closer come
8    To those dear blossoms growing at my feet.
11Thinking of you--Death came so soon to you ...
12    Another breeze blows by.--'Tis strangely cold.


9] lavender: an aromatic shrub of the mint family, widely used in perfumes Back to Line
10] rosemary: an aromatic shrub of the mint family whose leaves, used as an herb in cooking, are also an emblem of remembrance. Back to Line
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The Spike (1916).
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Cameron La Follette
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