Little Libbie

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Mortal refrains: the Complete Collected Poetry, Prose, and Songs of Julia A. Moore, the Sweet Singer of Michigan, ed. Thomas J. Riedlinger (East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 1998): 105-06. PS 2430 .M3 1998 Robarts Library. A Few Choice Words to the Public, with New and Original Poems (Grand Rapids, Michigan: C. M. Loomis, 1878).
1One more little spirit to Heaven has flown,
2    To dwell in that mansion above,
3Where dear little angels, together roam,
4    In God's everlasting love.
5One little flower has withered and died,
6    A bud near ready to bloom,
7Its life on earth is marked with pride;
8    Oh, sad it should die so soon.
9Sweet little Libbie, that precious flower
10    Was a pride in her parents' home,
11They miss their little girl every hour,
12    Those friends that are left to mourn.
13Her sweet silvery voice no more is heard
14    In the home where she once roamed;
15Her place is vacant around the hearth,
16    Where her friends are mourning lone.
17They are mourning the loss of a little girl,
18    With black eyes and auburn hair,
19She was a treasure to them in this world,
20    This beautiful child so fair.
21One morning in April, a short time ago,
22    Libbie was active and gay;
23Her Savior called her, she had to go,
24    E're the close of that pleasant day.
25While eating dinner, this dear little child
26    Was choked on a piece of beef.
27Doctors came, tried their skill awhile,
28    But none could give relief.
29She was ten years of age, I am told,
30    And in school stood very high.
31Her little form now the earth enfolds,
32    In her embrace it must ever lie.
33Her friends and schoolmates will not forget
34    Little Libbie that is no more;
35She is waiting on the shining step,
36    To welcome home friends once more.
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Ian Lancashire
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