The Links of Love

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Owen Seaman, The Battle of the Bays )London: The Bodley Head, 1896): 69-70. OCLC Id: 1822279. Internet Archive.
1My heart is like a driver-club,
4    The whole performance really great;
7Because my love has kindly said
11That spanks the object, so to speak,
13And hers is like a putting-green,
14    The haven where I boast to be,
15For she assures me she is keen
16    To halve the round of life with me.
17Raise me a bunker, if you can,
20    Is practically bound to pitch;
21Plant me beneath a hedge of thorn,
22    Or up a figurative tree,
23What matter, when my love has sworn
24    To halve the round of life with me?


2] pellet: golf-ball. Back to Line
3] "That passes over every obstruction and unevenness of the ground." Back to Line
5] bulger-head: "club with the round [convex] face which was designed as an aid to straightness of hitting" (OED, "bulger," 2, 1907 quotation). Back to Line
6] whiffles: drives with a puff of air. Back to Line
8] halve: have the same score. round: nine or eighteen holes of golf. Back to Line
9] cleek: "iron-headed club with a straight, narrow face and a long shaft" (OED). Back to Line
10] mashie: mid-iron or 5-iron, used for medium carry. Back to Line
12] sandy bar: bunker. Back to Line
18] beetles: hangs perilously. Back to Line
19] bogey-man: golfer who routinely scores the number of strokes needed to make par for his handicap. (Not, as today, the golfer who can score one over par.) Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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