Li-Lo (Blazon)

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David McGimpsey, Sitcom (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2007): 62.
2holed up in rehab but still looking smart.
3Taking tittering, blind, tabloid teasers
4but smiling right into the camera's heart.
5Li-Lo, each freckle a blushed diamond,
6rampaging redhead or raven-tressed,
8and always some puss's Hollywood mess.
9A look-at-me bandage around her wrist,
12to say, 'I hate children! I hate them all!'
14La bella vita forever, bella Li-Lo.


1] Li-Lo: Lindsay Lohan (1986-), the Coleman family daughter in the film Freaky Friday, has entered rehabilitation centres for treatment of alcoholic and drug addictions in 2007 and 2010. Back to Line
7] Valley: San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. Back to Line
10] Marlboro: brand of cigarettes. Back to Line
11] Roosevelt Hotel: Lohan lived here for a year. Back to Line
13] Humpdays: Wednesdays, the day for having sex. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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