Leves Amores

Original Text: 

Arthur Symons, Poems, 2 vols. (London: William Heinemann, 1912): 116. Internet Archive.

1Your kisses, and the way you curl,
2Delicious and distracting girl,
3Into one's arms, and round about,
4Inextricably in and out
5Twining luxuriously, as twine
6The clasping tangles of the vine;
7So loving to be loved, so gay
8And greedy for our holiday;
9Strong to embrace and long to kiss,
10And strenuous for the sharper bliss,
11A little tossing sea of sighs,
12Till the slow calm seal up your eyes.
13And then how prettily you sleep!
14You nestle close and let me keep
15My straying fingers in the nest
16Of your warm comfortable breast;
17And as I dream, lying awake,
18Of sleep well wasted for your sake,
19I feel the very pulse and heat
20Of your young life-blood beat, and beat
21With mine; and you are mine, my sweet!