The Last Day

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Edward Young, A poem on the last day (Oxford: for E. Whistler, 1713). B-10 7274 Fisher Rare Book Library
Book I
1.69Sooner or later, in some future date,
1.70(A dreadful secret in the book of Fate)
1.71This hour, for aught all human wisdom knows,
1.72Or when ten thousand harvests more have rose;
1.73When scenes are chang'd on this revolving Earth,
1.74Old empires fall, and give new empires birth;
1.76And, (if man's sin forbids not) other Annes;
1.77While the still busy world is treading o'er
1.78The paths they trod five thousand years before,
1.79Thoughtless as those who now life's mazes run,
1.80Of earth dissolv'd, or an extinguish'd sun;
1.81(Ye sublunary worlds, awake, awake!
1.82Ye rulers of the nation, hear and shake)
1.83Thick clouds of darkness shall arise on day;
1.84In sudden night all Earth's dominions lay;
1.85Impetuous winds the scatter'd forests rend;
1.86Eternal mountains, like their cedars, bend;
1.87The valleys yawn, the troubled ocean roar
1.88And break the bondage of his wonted shore;
1.89A sanguine stain the silver moon o'erspread;
1.90Darkness the circle of the sun invade;
1.91From inmost Heaven incessant thunders roll
1.92And the strong echo bound from pole to pole.


1.75] Bourbons: the reigning dynasty of France from 1589 to 1793. Back to Line
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N. J. Endicott
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