To a Lady, Asking him how Long he would Love her

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A Collection of Poems ... upon Several Occasions (1672; anonymously).
2      To say how long our love will last;
3It may be we within this hour
4      May lose those joys we now do taste:
5The blessed, that immortal be,
6From change in love are only free.
7Then, since we mortal lovers are,
8      Ask not how long our love will last;
9But while it does, let us take care
10      Each minute be with pleasure past.
11Were it not madness to deny
12To live, because w'are sure to die?


1] A version varying in the number of stanzas is to be found in a song book of 1667. Back to Line
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G. G. Falle
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3RP 2.55.