King Bee Blues

Original Text: 
Whylah Falls (Vancouver: Polestar Book Publishers, 1990): 50.
1I'm an ol' king bee, honey,
2Buzzin' from flower to flower.
3I'm an ol' king bee, sweets,
4Hummin' from flower to flower.
5Women got good pollen;
6I get some every hour.
7There's Lily in the valley
8And sweet honeysuckle Rose too;
9There's Lily in the valley
10And sweet honeysuckle Rose too.
11And there's pretty black-eyed Susan,
12Perfect as the night is blue.
13You don't have to trust
14A single, black word I say.
15You don't have to trust
16A single, black word I say.
17But don't be surprised
18If I sting your flower today.
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Ian Lancashire
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