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Allan Ramsay, Poems, 3rd edn. (Edinburgh, 1720). B-10 8074 Fisher Rare Book Library
2Tho she did the same before me,
3       I canna get leave
4       To look to my loove,
5Or else she'll be like to devour me.
6  Right fain wad I take ye'r offer,
8       Then, Sandy, ye'll fret,
11  For tho my father has plenty
12Of siller and plenishing dainty,
16  Tutor my parents wi' caution,
17Be wylie in ilka motion,
18       Brag well o' ye'r land,
19       And there's my leal hand,
20Win them, I'll be at your devotion.


1] glowran: gazing. Back to Line
7] tine: forfeit, lose.
tocher: dowry. Back to Line
9] wyt: blame. Back to Line
10] keek: peep.
toom: empty. Back to Line
13] unco: unusually.
sweer: slow. Back to Line
14] twin: part with. Back to Line
15] tenty: careful. Back to Line
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N. J. Endicott
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2RP.1.644; RPO 1996-2000.