June Evening at Beaconsfield (Bucks)

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Marjory Nicholls, Collected Poems, comp. Niel Wright (Wellington: Original Books, 2009).
2A long, frail wisp of cloud hung in the sky;
4Faded so slowly, and as slowly came
5The grey of twilight, long ere it could claim
6A conquest o'er the golden light on high,
7Which yielded, paling; lastly with a sigh
8It sank in grey enveloped--just as Fame
9Sinks and is covered by the years that creep.
10Dimmer and dimmer grew the ev'ning light;
11Among the corn the poppies drowsed asleep,
13The friendly elms a vigil calm did keep--
14Guardians watching through the darkling night.


1] Beaconsfield: a market town in Buckinghamshire, England, about 23 miles northwest of central London. Back to Line
3] loth: reluctant. Back to Line
12] campions: a plant of the pink family having white or pink petals. Back to Line
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The Reporter (1915).
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Cameron La Follette
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