To Julia in Shooting Togs

and a Herrickose Vein

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Owen Seaman, The Battle of the Bays (London: The Bodley Head, 1896): 66-68. OCLC Id: 1822279. Internet Archive.
2Then, then, (methinks) how bravely shows
3That rare arrangement of her clothes!
6She moveth, making earth afraid.
7Against the sting of random chaff
8Her leathern gaiters circle half
9The arduous crescent of her calf.
10Unto th' occasion timely fit,
11My love's attire doth show her wit,
12And of her legs a little bit.
13Sorely it sticketh in my throat,
14She having nowhere to bestow't,
15To name the absent petticoat.
16In lieu whereof a wanton pair
18Full windy and with space to spare.
19Enlargéd by the bellying breeze,
20Lord! how they playfully do ease
21The urgent knocking of her knees!
22Lengthways curtailèd to her taste
23A tunic circumvents her waist,
24And soothly it is passing chaste.
25Upon her head she hath a gear
27Do use in stalking of the deer.
28Haply her truant tresses mock
29Some coronal of shapelier block,
31Withal she hath a loaded gun,
32Whereat the pheasants, as they run,
33Do make a fair diversión.
34For very awe, if so she shoots,
35My hair upriseth from the roots,
36And lo! I tremble in my boots!


1] Julia: an imitation of Robert Herrick's "Upon Julia's Clothes." Back to Line
4] Huntress Maid: Diana, goddess of the hunt. Back to Line
5] buskin: half-boot. Back to Line
17] knickerbockers: loose-fitting breeches or plus-fours. Back to Line
26] wights: persons. Back to Line
30] billy-cock: "round low-crowned felt hat" (OED). Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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