From Joachim du Bellay: Of a Winnower of Wheat to the Winds

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Arthur Symons, Poems, 2 vols. (London: William Heinemann, 1912): 196. Internet Archive.

1To you, light troop, I bring,
2(You, who with wandering wing
3Over the wide world pass,
4And, when your murmurings wake,
5So sweetly trouble and shake
6The shadow-shaken grass)
7I bring these violets,
8Lilies and flowerets,
9I bring these roses too;
10These roses rosy-red
11Are freshly gatherèd;
12These pinks I bring for you.
13With your cool breath and sweet
14This plain a-stir with heat
15In passing fan, I pray;
16The while I labour sore
17At my wheat-winnowing floor
18About the heat of day.
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