Irish Poets: Oliver Goldsmith

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James McIntyre, Musings on the Banks of Canadian Thames, including poems on local, Canadian and British subjects, and lines on the great poets of England, Ireland, Scotland and America, with a glance at the wars in Victoria's reign (Ingersoll: H. Rowland, 1884): 88. B-11 1857 Fisher Rare Books Library.
2Now again reduced to tillage;
3Once happiest village of the plain,
4Place now you look for it in vain;
5There but one man he doth make rich,
6And hundreds struggle in the ditch;
7"Ill fare the land to many ills a prey
8Where wealth accumelates but men decay."
9His honest Vicar of Wakefield
10Forever he will pleasure yield.


1] Oliver Goldsmith (1730?-1774), well known both for his poem The Deserted Village (1770) and his novel The Vicar of Wakefield (1766). Back to Line
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