Irish to English

26th April 1916

Original Text: 
The Verse of Christopher Brennan, ed. A. R. Chisholm and J. J. Quinn (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1960): 180. PR 6003 R352A17 Robarts Library
1I am not of your blood;
2I never loved your ways:
3If e'er your deed was good
4I yet was slow to praise.
5Irish and rebel both,
6And both unto the end--
7And here I pledge you troth,
8And here I stand your friend.
9This scrum that blights our fame,
10This mildew on our land--
12My spittle on their hand.
13The gates of Hell assail:
14Look on yon stricken trench--


11] murrain: carrion, disease-ridden dead flesh. Back to Line
15] Gael: Irish celt. Back to Line
16] blench: flinch away from. Back to Line
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Publication Notes: 
Sydney Morning Herald, 27th April 1916
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire; Cameron La Follette
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