1As in the mists of embryonic night,
2   Out of the deep and dark obscurities
3   Of Nature's womb, the little life-germs rise,
4Pushing by instinct upward to the light;
5As, when the first ray dawns on waking sight,
6   They leap to liberty, and recognize
7   The golden sunshine and the morning skies
8Their own inheritance by inborn right; --
9So do our brooding thoughts and deep desires
10   Grow in our souls, we know not how or why;
11   Grope for we know not what, all blind and dumb.
12So, when the time is ripe, and one aspires
13   To free his thought in speech, ours hear the cry,
14   And to full birth and instant knowledge come.
Publication Notes: 
Unspoken Thoughts (New South Wales: English Department, University College, 1988): 23. Revised in The Hand in the Dark and Other Poems.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire