Ianthe! You are Call'd to Cross the Sea

Original Text: 
Walter Savage Landor, Gebir, Count Julian (1831).
2      A path forbidden me!
3Remember, while the Sun his blessing sheds
4      Upon the mountain-heads,
5How often we have watcht him laying down
6      His brow, and dropt our own
7Against each other's, and how faint and short
8      And sliding the support!
9What will succeed it now? Mine is unblest,
10      Ianthe! nor will rest
11But on the very thought that swells with pain.
12      O bid me hope again!
13O give me back what Earth, what (without you)
14      Not Heaven itself can do--
15One of the golden days that we have past,
16      And let it be my last!
17Or else the gift would be, however sweet,
18      Fragile and incomplete.


1] Published in Gebir, etc., 1831, and reprinted in 1846 with two revisions which are here followed. Ianthe was probably called to cross the sea to Ireland. Back to Line
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H. Kerpneck
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3RP 3.5.