I Sing of a Maiden

Original Text: 
British Library Sloane MS. 2593; Thomas Wright, ed., Songs and Carols (London: T. Richards, 1856). PR 1120 W3 Victoria College Library
3Kyng of all{.e} kyng{.e}s
6    There his moder was
7As dew in Aprylle
9  He cam also stylle
10    To his moderes bowr
11As dew in Aprille
12    That fallyt on the flour;
13  He cam also stylle
14    There his moder lay
15As dew in Aprille
16    That fallyt on the spray;
17  Moder and maydyn
18    Was never non but sche;
20    God{.e}s moder be.


1] The "incremental repetition" by which this song is built up is similar to that found in the popular ballads. Cf. "St. Stephen and Herod," from the same manuscript. Back to Line
2] makeles: without a mate, peerless. Back to Line
4] ches: chose. Back to Line
5] also stylle: as quietly. Back to Line
8] fallyt: falleth. Back to Line
19] swych: such. Back to Line
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N. J. Endicott
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2RP.1.3; RPO 1996-2000.