I Scarce Believed

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Marjory Nicholls, Collected Poems, comp. Niel Wright (Wellington: Original Books, 2009).
1I wondered once, when life, so it did seem,
2Was holding to me hands where gifts were laid,
3Gifts so long yearned for, that I felt afraid
4And, scarce believing, grasped as in a dream.
5For I had stood so long beside the stream
6Watching the ships with silken sails arrayed
7Pass proudly out where the wide sea was made
8One with the waiting night, and starlight's gleam--
9Would I too sail upon that magic sea
10With moon-drenched nights and days of blue serene?
11Had God leant down and all my longing seen
12And kindly bent his gracious smile on me?
13I scarce believed, but laughed away my fears--


14] proffered: held out for acceptance; offered. Back to Line
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Gathered Leaves (1922).
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Cameron La Follette
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