Hymn to the Winds

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Andrew Lang, Ballads and Lyrics of Old France (London: Longmans, Green, 1913): 16-17. Internet Archive.

1To you, troop so fleet,
2That with winged wandering feet,
3    Through the wide world pass,
4And with soft murmuring
5Toss the green shades of spring
6    In woods and grass,
7Lily and violet
8I give, and blossoms wet,
9    Roses and dew;
10This branch of blushing roses.
11Whose fresh bud uncloses.
12    Wind-flowers too.
13Ah, winnow with sweet breath,
14Winnow the holt and heath,
15    Round this retreat;
16Where all the golden morn
17We fan the gold o' the corn,
18    In the sun's heat.
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Ian Lancashire
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