How He Died

Original Text: 
Plain Talk in Psalm and Parable. Boston: Small, Maynard & Company, 1899. 3rd edn.: London, F.R. Henderson, 1901.
1So he died for his faith. That is fine.
2   More than most of us do.
3But stay; can you add to that line
4   That he lived for it too?
5It is easy to die. Men have died
6   For a wish or a whim --
7From bravado, from passion or pride;
8   Was it harder for him?
9But to live; every day to live out
10   All the truth that he dreamt,
11While his friends met his conduct with doubt,
12   And the world with contempt --
13Was it thus that he plodded ahead,
14   Never turning aside?
15Then we'll talk of the life that he led,
16   Never mind how he died.
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Ian Lancashire
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